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We have DR85 website for sale, with about $500 in monthly revenues from theme sales. Priced at $17500. See more details here

Ricky Kesler of Income School is Michael’s guest on The Domain Magnate Show this week! Income School teaches people how to create an internet business through blogging and YouTube, and has made a name for itself on YouTube as a channel offering internet marketing and SEO training. Listen in to find out how they help students generate up to $10,000 a month!

Funds vs Operators

Are you looking for high returns? Are you looking for a passive income? Are you looking to diversify your types of investments? If you answered ‘yes’ to these three questions, then website investing could be an excellent option for you! 

For inexperienced website investors, there are two avenues to investing in websites (1) hiring an operator or (2) investing in a fund.

In this detailed guide, we examine:

  1. The benefits of website investing
  2. The criteria to determine if you are the right candidate to invest in
  3. How to choose the right website investment fund for you
  4. How to look for in a fund operator
  5. Recommended funds you can invest in right now
  6. The advantages to working with a website operator 
  7. Whether you should hire a website operator 
  8. When to outsource website operations
  9. How to structure your partnership
  10. Trustworthy website operators

While online businesses present very attractive margins and returns, they may not be immediately obvious or feasible for new investors because they require a high level of expertise and commitment. 

Whether you opt for an all-inclusive management service or a solo operator, choosing the right one for your business is vital.

Making Mid-5 Figures Monthly with this Unique Approach to Niche Website Building 

Morton Storsgaard resigned as an SEO consultant after a few successful years so he could focus solely on website building. Currently, he earns about five figures a month with five websites in his portfolio. 

In a recent interview with The Niche Pursuits podcast, the former consultant shares his story and unique methods for building successful niche websites. Obtain actionable insights on how he researches blog topics, his approach to ranking without backlinks, in addition to why the domain name is crucial. 

SaaS Sites for Sale 

Among this week’s Flippa listings are some interesting SaaS sites with scalable business models and strong development potential in the accountancy, distribution, and even football niche!

6y/o SaaS in the accountancy practice management niche with a solid six-year history and strong growth potential – Net Profit $790 p/m

7 y/o content site or distribution channel. Organic uniques 400,000 a year SaaS + Ad revenue. SMS content that is evergreen since 2014. Profitable on autopilot w/ a yearly income of over $24K. A growing industry with a scalable business model. Over 100k page views p/m – Net profit $1,599 p/m

2 y/o API-driven online platform for football data analysis with immense growth potential. Unique Visits 28,360 p/m and including a 2.9k email list. Monetized by selling access to in-depth statistics – Net profit $685 p/m. 

Without content, is it feasible to build links for SEO?

There is no doubt that backlink creation is one of the most contentious and divisive topics in SEO (SEO). This is easily understandable since your authority is based in part on the quantity and quality of links referring to you. It is nearly impossible to rank higher in search results pages (SERPs) without a lot of backlinks pointing to your site.

Furthermore, Google expressly prohibits sites from intentionally building links in order to manipulate their authority or ranking. Link schemes and spamming links will result in a penalty, which can range from a minor inconvenience to a total disaster for your site.

Timothy Carter, CFO of and, investigates the possibilities of non-content link building in an article for and whether it is advisable to build links without writing content.

5 Must-Have Tools for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Business Owners 

Some excellent resources were outlined in The Business Inquirer this week: 

BizNexus – Discover businesses for sale

PrivSource – Offers advisors a way to reach buyers who might be missed through traditional M&A methods

DeepBench – Access to experts through the DeepBench expert network

Eloquens – A professional marketplace for sharing best practices

Deal Flow Scout – Exchange of main street and lower market deal flow between investors, funds, sponsors, and small to medium businesses.

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