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We have a brand new episode of The Domain Magnate Show, with guest Chelsea Clark. A Content Monetization Strategist and website investor, with over 30 successful website flips, she founded and Hear about her first flip, what she looks for in a content site, as well as how she helps creative business owners increase the value of their niche websites so they can sell them for a profit. 

I recently spoke with Ryan Condie on the Let’s Buy a Business podcast about my experience building, promoting, monetizing websites, and successfully completing over 300 deals. As we explore specific deals, we discuss how I find off-market businesses to acquire and what red flags to look for.

SaaS Automation for Increased Profitability

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are almost universally associated with automation. These solutions lessen users’ workload by decreasing otherwise onerous or time-consuming processes by providing flexible, efficient workflows. This begs the question: why don’t more SaaS companies fully automate their processes?

Any business model that uses automation adds value to the business and makes it easier to scale. Thus, if you want your SaaS business to be profitable, you must increase the efficiency of your internal marketing, sales and growth activities.

Nahla Davies looks at the value automation can bring to your SaaS business and what aspects of it you should contemplate automating in a recent article for

Content Sites for Sale

Over the past 7 days, DealFeed SignalsTM found 117 websites for sale, with 10 new listings and 48 aged listings. In those 43 deals recently updated valuations had been made, in 20 deals there had been changes in multiples. The average multiple is 38.62X. The full listings can be found here. Announces ‘Partner Market’ 

Need help operating and growing your online business? Introducing’s latest service, the Partner Market

From SEO and copywriting to ad production and management, virtual support, site design, and hosting, the newly created platform connects online business owners with providers of products and services to help them build and grow. You can choose to explore a subset of fixed-fee and subscription alternatives, or you can ‘Browse Partners’ to discover all of their experienced partners’ solutions.

What do you think about this move by the leading marketplace?

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