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Domain Magnate Update

We have a WP themes website with DR85 for sale this week, which generated over $76K in theme sales over the past 4 years, averaging around $500/month in current theme sales. The sale includes 38 unique themes, well-positioned on

The site is open for offers, just reply directly to send an offer. No seller financing is available here, only serious cash offers. 

With over 300 successful deals under our belt, we at Domain Magnate specialize in buying, optimizing, and selling profitable Content and SaaS sites. Grab a cup of coffee and dive into my interview with Akeel Jabber on SaaS District to hear about the latest on why investors love the SaaS industry, as well as top methods to scale your SaaS business

This week’s case study details how we transformed an 11month old website in the technology niche from generating $700/M to $7,000/M within 10 months. Discover how we achieved this level of revenue by reading on.

Website Broker Analysis

The number of content site listings across the brokerages last month was at an all-time high, and so were the multiples.

As you may expect, Empire Flippers had the most deals at ~ 40 live listings for a total price of ~ $60M in websites, with an average listing multiple of ~ 43x. Investors Club was second with ~ 35 listings and over $3M in deals, with a significantly lower average listing multiple of 34x. And Motion Invest was third with ~ 15 listings, ~ $800K in total website deals, and an average multiple of ~ 35x. 

In aggregate there were ~ 100 websites for sale with the brokers with the average multiple being ~ 38x monthly profit. That’s up from the 34x average content site multiple that Empire Flippers reported in its State of the Industry Report 2021 edition

Modelling Scenarios for your Website Portfolio

We all keep P&Ls of our website portfolios, but how many of us create financial projections? 

At the very least, every portfolio manager should consider and measure the impact on ROI from a google penalty. 

Understandably, a content site owner’s greatest fear is receiving a manual or algorithmic penalty that immediately hits your site’s traffic or revenue. To work out how your portfolio can withstand such an event, it may be prudent to model what happens to overall revenue when one or more sites decrease over time. Can you and your team withstand such an event? 

If you need help with strategic planning or would rather outsource the management and growth of your website or portfolio, take a look at our Online Business Management Service.

Shallow Links: A link Building Tactic You’re Not Leveraging

While your inbound link counts may look good on that SEO tool, you won’t get much benefit from all those links if they don’t point to the right pages. 

In his article for SEO Journal, Jeff Fergeson suggests you’re probably still overlooking one of the most crucial link-building strategies that can have the biggest impact on your search rankings – fixing shallow links. But, in order to fix these shallow links, we need to locate them first. 

Sadly, shallow links can’t be selected even through your top-tier SEO tools. Thanks to Fergeson, you can dive into his exercise for finding and fixing shallow links here. In order to complete this exercise, you’ll first need a list of all your inbound link sources, the webpages that they link to, and the anchor text they link to.

Content Writing Hacks That Rank in 2022

Did Google’s last algorithm update affect you? In a recent video, Neil Patel offers tips for writing content that will rank well in the SEO landscape of 2022. When it comes to writing content that works well with Google in the future, he emphasizes that there are seven simple steps to follow:

  1. You should assist your readers in overcoming a specific challenge or problem
  2. Invest 40% of your time in your headline by creating curiosity
  3. Make your main topic relevant to keywords that have a high volume of search traffic 
  4. Use what works for your competitors and the most relevant keywords to build your content 
  5. Provide actionable and hyper-relevant information  
  6. Internally link to other relevant content on your website 
  7. Make sure your on-page SEO is on point

MicroAcquire and Clearco partnership offers you debt and dilution free financing on Ecommerce Acquisitions

Ecommerce is booming these days. It grew almost ten per cent in the US alone in Q2 2021. As a result of the global pandemic, it’s no surprise we are shopping and conducting more business online than ever before. If you are interested in acquiring a startup in the eCommerce space, now is the time, especially with MicroAcquire’s non-dilutive financing from Clearco.

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