DM Industry News 17th March: Beginner-friendly content site for sale $3019 per month in revenue, 36.5x - Domain Magnate

DM Industry News 17th March: Beginner-friendly content site for sale $3019 per month in revenue, 36.5x

Domain Magnate update

Beginner-friendly content website with $3019 per month in revenue (36.5x) for sale. 

P&L available here

  • 2+ years old content website about firestick and streaming services
  • Beginner-friendly website comes with further support and assistance


36.5x of annual revenue only: $110,193


  • 12 months average: $3019
  • 6 months average: $4495
  • 3 months average: $2788

Over 80% of revenue is from Ezoic, also VPN affiliate sales and Google Adsense.

Expenses and Operation

  • WordPress based website, easy to manage and operate
  • We spent around $2K total in the past 12 months on content and backlinks
  • Recommended to add new and update existing content every month – we’ll introduce good, affordable content providers for assistance

Growth Opportunities

  • Expanding content base, adding hundreds of more articles covering different tv shows, events, movies, where to watch them, and various streaming services
  • Using more affiliate programs to promote streaming services and other VPN providers, as well ecom sales. Fubo, Hulu, ESPN and others have high paying aff offers
  • Trying higher-paying performance networks, like adthrive and mediavine
  • Building more backlinks to grow SEO value and increase rankings
  • Building an email list and social assets


  • Full website transfer and set up assistance, including changing ad codes, transfer to your server
  • Introduction to recommended freelancers, service providers and agencies we work with, to help you manage and grow the site
  • Introduction of our contacts at Ezoic and Expressvpn to set up accounts for you with preferred rates
  • Further advice and plans on how to grow the website
  • 3 months of support and assistance, beginner-friendly, even if this is your first purchase!
  • Opportunity to acquire the website with full management contract by DM for 3, 6 or 12  months period.

Reply here to buy or for more information about the deal.

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Michael Bereslavsky
Founder & CEO Domain Magnate

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