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SaaS is attracting more and more investors as it becomes an increasingly in-demand business model, however, these businesses are very complex in comparison to other types of online businesses such as content sites.

Using our general framework of assessing (1) numbers, (2) risks, and (3) opportunities, we have developed a very convenient step-by-step video guide for buyers and investors on how to conduct due diligence on a SaaS business

Content Websites For Sale

There are ~ 93 websites currently for sale with 8 new listings over the last 7 days along with 40 existing listings, the average multiple is ~38x.

Here are our top 3 most interesting content site picks on Flippa:

  1. 15 y/o Online Poker News Content Site Generating a Net Profit of $3.8k p/mo w. 90%+ Steady Organic Traffic. Plus, 2 Additional Domains Included!
  2. 9 y/o High Authority (48) Tech Content Site Generating a Monthly Net Profit of $6k w. 117.4k Unique Visits p/mo!
  3. – 450+p/m Passive Income – 90k Visitors p/m

2022 – The Year Of Rapid Growth For Saas

SaaS is becoming more prevalent in our day-to-day activities as apps like Zoom and Slack become more integrated into our work from home lives. SaaS solutions for B2B represent another significant market. Using software as a service allows businesses to succeed without forking out on development themselves. 

Because SaaS provides startups with flexible and affordable solutions, it can significantly optimize their growth. On the other hand, with a lot of competition and many niches to choose from, starting a B2B SaaS company can be relatively challenging. In an article published on, they examine six critical factors to consider when building your SaaS company.

Forecasting Amazon Inventory: Overcoming New Challenges

One of the most challenging jobs for an eCommerce seller, particularly for huge online marketplaces such as Amazon, is predicting how much inventory your business requires to fulfil future orders. The inaccessibility of past sales data, product trends, and seasonality are all factors that can complicate estimations. Almost 1,800 new sellers join Amazon every day, so if they don’t have the inventory, they’re handing their competitors the advantage to dominate the market. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on the eCommerce space over the past couple of years. Especially, when it comes to changes in consumer spending habits and relying on past sales data to forecast inventory. It is generally advisable to plan for a six-week period of coverage. Consider, however, that peak periods like Q4, Prime Day and your category’s most active season will require you to plan ahead and source additional units. In some cases, Amazon has specific inventory deadlines that you must meet in order to meet the increased demand for your products.

Ellen Sipp-Paris of eComEngine warns that Amazon has recently updated their inventory practices in a couple of significant ways that has posed new challenges for sellers. Discover useful pointers and fundamental information about each one in Sipp-Paris’ article for vs. Amazon 

Omair Tariq, the founder of announced in an interview with Startup Stories by Mixergy how he is going up against the likes of Amazon and Shopify by launching the ‘world’s first end-to-end eCommerce platform’. Evidently not one to be shy of a challenge, and widely recognized as a master at building hugely successful eCommerce businesses, we highly recommend tuning in to this episode to discover more about Tariq’s courageous battle against these major eComm brands. 

DTC Ecommerce Stores Look Set to Explode

Amazon FBA aggregator Thrasio just changed the game. As a result of the soaring valuations of FBA businesses, Thrasio’s focus has now shifted to DTC eCommerce businesses as a strategy to attract new deal flow and decrease competition with other aggregators. Greg Elfrink brings light to the news and questions whether this may be the start of a ‘new gold rush’ for entrepreneurs looking to exit their businesses?

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