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SaaS is growing by leaps and bounds, but it’s not just software developers who are building multi-million dollar businesses. In this video, we introduce SaaS and examine whether it’s a viable option for first-time buyers or those without any prior development experience.

There are countless lessons to be learnt with managing, marketing and growing SaaS businesses. If you’re thinking about starting a SaaS site and want to know more, or are already up and running and want to know where to go next – here is a detailed case study of everything we did to grow a SaaS content site from $45k to $190K in value.

Website Deals Roundup

If you’re in the market to acquire an online business, we have some intriguing Flippa deals to share with you this week!

11 y/o stock image company with 1.9m page views, 162k unique visits, over $3k monthly revenue, $2k monthly profit, a domain authority score of 43, and exclusive ownership of over 3m images

3 m/o premium dropshipping store selling Apple watch bands with a 100% automated fulfilment process, monthly profit of over $2.5k and a 65% profit margin

1 y/o eCommerce electronics store in the work from home niche, with close to $13k monthly revenue and a passive income of $4k a month

How To Bounce Back After Your Google Discover Traffic Plummets

Google Discover has the potential to generate as much as 30%-40% of your site traffic, so, if you own a content site, it makes sense to leverage it. While this is a highly effective method of driving traffic, Discover also has downsides, and sudden loss of traffic is not uncommon. 

A rapid drop in Google Discovery traffic might have caught you off guard, but there are some factors that may have contributed to it including core updates, low-quality keywords and crawler errors. Let’s learn how to get your traffic back after an unexpected decline.

Start Turning Organic Search Into Repeatable Revenue 

Your website’s most important traffic source should be organic search. That said, if you are relying on outdated practices and approaches, organic search might not be as effective or profitable as it could be. But with Demandwell’s SEO Content Marketing Strategy and Coaching, you can learn how to dramatically increase revenue, generate more web traffic, and boost conversions.

Get to know Demandwell’s Co-Founder and CEO, Mitch Causey to learn more about their tried and tested methodology, in this interview for SaaS Club

Website Investing: The Right Way 

Investing in websites can be a high-gain profession and anyone can do it, but without the proper education, most fail. This is a lucrative business, but it is not without risks. So, what are the pros and cons of this business model? Discover the in’s and outs of the business and how you can succeed.

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