Jay from DomainTools reports about two new tv channels covering domaining industry:

The domain industry keeps growing. We now have two TV channel websites that create unique content which cover domaining. The first is DomainerTV.com and the other is Page Howe’s DNTV.tv. I am very impressed by the level of detail these sites have launched with in very little time. DomainerTV interviewed me while I was attending the TrafficZ party in Las Vegas. I talked about the up coming Domain Roundtable event and what DomainTools working on.

We have seen a lot in this last year, there are at least 50 industry blogs, 3 Domain Magazines, and now 2 TV channels. The media will continue to grow as domains continue to increase in value. I think we are far from the real value of domains.

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  1. “3 Domain Magazines”


    1.Domainers Magazine

    2.Modern Domainer

    What’s the third?



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