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Via Texada’s press release (PDF):

TEXADA Software Inc. (TSX Venture: TXS), premier provider of equipment rental and mobile asset management software, today announced that it has sold the ownership of one of its Internet addresses for $400,000.

“One of the legacy issues that made little sense to me upon recently becoming CEO was to have our company incur the confusion and expense of operating two separately named websites,” said Nigel Miller, President and CEO of TEXADA Software Inc. “I therefore decided to consolidate all our Internet information under our most appropriate name: We were fortunate to identify a non-competing company in Europe who were interested in acquiring the name of our discontinued website,”

“Effective immediately, everyone will be able to view all our company and product information on one site: Appropriate steps have been taken to notify all our contacts. For a period of a year, the website will also display an ad that enables anyone looking for our company to click through to the TEXADA website”, concluded Mr. Miller.

The new buyer seems to be a company with vested interest in the domain (they are currently using Current WHOIS:

Systematic Software Engineering A/S

Soeren Frichs Vej 39

Aarhus, DK-8000


Nothing out of the ordinary here, happens many times a year for many years, mostly these things go unreported.


Indeed the overwhelming majority of these end users sales go unreported. I’ve seen myself many times how people get lucky to sell an “average” domain for 6 figures to a big company and it always amazes me. The question everyone usually asks here is “why it never happens to me???” 😀 is a decent generic, but clearly the market value is nowhere near the selling price, so props to the seller!

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