Sedo updated today their brokerage service, adding new options for both buyers and sellers. First reported by dnexpert

Sedo’s brokerage services are being updated with a new process for submitting both buyer and seller side brokerage requests and…

Sedo’s brokerage services are being updated with a new process for submitting both buyer and seller side brokerage requests and enhanced communications tools. Our dedicated brokers will now be able to work one-on-one with clients through Sedo’s exclusive message tool. The goal of this new process is to strengthen relationships and to provide more efficient service and support to each individual buyer and seller.


What does this mean for buyers? Sedo’s updated domain acquisition service requires buyers to complete an application. The application process is completely free and a service fee is only charged if your application is accepted. Using the information provided in the application and gathered from additional research, Sedo’s brokers will be able to determine a reasonable budget to pursue the domain and the probability of a successful acquisition. If the probability of success is low your application will not be accepted. This process allows our team to work more efficiently and more directly with our serious buyers.

Sedo’s domain acquisition service has helped over 6,000 business owners and individual buyers find the right domain for their needs. With our new updates we are dedicated to being a part of more buyers’ success stories.

What does this mean for Sellers? The new seller-side brokerage service now has a formalized application. This new process allows sellers with premium domains a more structured understanding of Sedo’s brokerage services. As a seller, you will now be able to easily submit traffic logs and other sales history for review. Among some of the new brokerage features are status updates from within your account and a custom message tool that will allow you to connect with a personal broker at your convenience. By making the process easier for sellers, we are enabling our brokerage service to work harder on the seller’s behalf.

Sedo’s expert brokers have been the negotiators behind some of the largest sales in the secondary domain market. Some of the top Sedo brokered sales include Vodka.com at $3M, Earth.com at$800,000, Blue.com and LI.com, each at $500,000. As we continue to improve our services, we strive to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

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