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Best deal you’ll find this year! In light of the recent SOPA controversy, many registrars are now offering discounts for domain transfers. Ok, to be fair there is no controversy – SOPA is bad, very bad, for the whole Internet, except GoDaddy, who helped write it and are now paying the price as customers are leaving.  SOPA threatens the freedom of the Internet and if passed will allow copyright holders to have sites taken down by a quick order of a judge, without any representation or court.  The more bad news is that it’s likely to pass due to widespread support in Congress.

There is some good news, however. Many registrars are trying to capitalize on the wave of hate towards GoDaddy that this has sprung and provided large discounts for domain transfers: $6.65 –  code ‘NODADDY’

NameCheap $6.99 + $0.18 –  code ‘SOPASucks’

DynaDot $6.99 – code ‘TEAMDYNADOT’

Note that these are mostly for .com transfers and expire on Dec 31, so hurry up! also have more information on SOPA and their position on it

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  1. SOPA is very bad and is disappointing to see GoDaddy engaged in such a tragedy having been a customer for well over 7 years. I think NameCheap is quickly gaining on GoDaddy and!

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