Here is the recent registrations stats for End of June 2008, or the latest data available. Top 3 tlds, .com, .de and .cn make up over 100 million domains, .net pushed to the 4th place.

We can see an enormous growth in .cn registrations, but this is mostly due their extremely low price. Many sites offer Chinese domains for just $0.13, yes, 13 cents only! is now slightly above .org and with UK pound going strong unlike the US dollar, the recent week’s sale of for $345k and for $40k in addition to the previously reported sale of for $1.1. Million comes to show how big the tld is. (“pharmacy” in German) sold for $81K last week and as the EU expands and grows tighter we can expect the .eu names to grow as well.

.asia is the new kid on the block and while many consider this new extension completely useless, there was one good sale in dnjournal last week: for $30k.

.com .de .cn .net .uk
77,170,572 12,095,431 11,821,635 11,709,993 6,941,940
.org .info .nl .eu .biz
6,905,369 5,010,369 2,985,481 2,828,390 1,980,543

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