According to this thread on dnf and this one in idnforums there might have been a $xxx,xxx sale for an idn domain.

The domain was not publicly disclosed, however it is a Russian term. Alexa is 0, so there is probably not much traffic.

Other posts indicate that  there were other previous $xxx,xxx sales and the idn  market is simply not transparent enough, however several investors are spending big bucks on names they think will be much more in the years to come.

From idnforums:

I recently bought 1 idn for xxx,xxx

Some may say it is way over priced if you are comparing it to the current ‘market’ that is practically isn’t born yet but i prefer to pay more now then getting to the point where it just wont be for sale.

The $xxx,xxx sale has been confirmed as a Russian IDN , the $x,xxx,xxx “sale” still waiting for further info.

Also confirmed a Chinese seller sold a .cn for a good $xx,xxx to a business in China.

IDN domains are a highly controversial market. Many domainers believe it’s a waste of money while others predict it to take off big time. What’s your take on that?

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  1. Many people know the domain, it just wasn’t posted publicly. The 0 alexa is correct.

    However the sale is still not confirmed so it’s only a “possible sale” until we get a confirmation from dnjournal, or another trusted 3rd party.

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