Update: bidding up to $500K now, reserve seems to be $800K

Pizza.net at TDNam at 420K, 4 days left and reserve not met yet.

I do NOT believe this.. I could see the .com going at that price, but the .net? Looks much like shill bidders trying to capitalize on the big pizza.com slice. As long as the reserve not met it doesn’t count. We’ll see if it’s true or not, my bet is it won’t sell. The description also says:

The ORIGINAL Pizza Search Engine It includes 60k pizza restaurants, Prior art to Microsoft’s zip code patent

But that doesn’t add much value. The site looks quite simple, you could get a similar one built for a couple hundred bucks with the ready database.

View the pizza.net discussion on DNF for more info

Either way good luck to the seller.

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  1. We like domains that look like phone numbers and target Mobile Pizza Sales



    1-74992.com (74992 spells Pizza on a phone keypad)


    The 1- mimics a phone number so it’s a great memory trigger for people using a phone to connect to the web.

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