Oversee.net CEO Cover Story by Dnjournal - Domain Magnate

Oversee.net CEO Cover Story by Dnjournal

Another great story by Ron from dnjournal:

Born to Run: How Oversee.net Co-Founder and CEO Lawrence Ng Built a $200 Million Company Before His 30th Birthday

The wave of consolidation that has swept through the domain industry over the past couple of years has left a handful of giants at the head of the pack. Oversee.net is certainly one of those, having assembled some of the best-known brands in this space, including DomainSponsor.com, SnapNames.com and Moniker.com.

Oversee also owns approximately 600,000 domains of their own and through DomainSponsor they monetize over 2 million more for other domain owners. They also operate leading websites in the mortgage and travel fields with Low.com and LowFares.com. The company’s annual revenues topped $200 million in 2007 (up from $125 million the year before).

Building that kind of empire would take a lifetime for most businessmen, so it is hard to get your head around the fact that Oversee’s energetic Co-Founder and CEO Lawrence Ng is just 29 years old. Ng and a pal from his college days, Fred Hsu, started Oversee from scratch in 2000, just after the original .com bubble had burst and everyone else thought the game was over. Ng and Hsu refused to believe that. more

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