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NNNNN.com Sales Picking Up

Few days after the buyout NNNNN.com sales are heating up.

Update: I’ve received reports of some random NNNNN.com’s sold in bulk privately for $8.5-10 each. Get those bargains while you still can 馃槈

Several sales have been reported so far on the forums.

I’ve sold 5 random NNNNN.com’s for $12.5 each (not selling that cheap anymore):






Another sale reported here:

These 5 sold for $15 each:






Another sale here

37467.com $15 Spells Eshop.com

More sales from SnapNames

01140.com $22

00108.com $29

05211.com $22

$10-15 or about twice the reg fee is the minimum anyone would sell NNNNN.com’s. But for now, while they are still fresh you can choose the better ones.

Now is a very good time to buy some good NNNNN.com’s for cheap before the prices rise and stabilize.

A few notable previous sales:

46000.com $299 2007-12-25 SEDO.com

34000.com $1,050 2007-11-21 SEDO.com

84444.com $500 2007-11-06 AfterNic.com

Domains ending with a few zeros and with many repeating digits are obviously more memorable and thus more valuable.

3 Replies to “NNNNN.com Sales Picking Up”

  1. This is music to my ears – I love this news.

    In the next 3 years the LLLLL.com’s will sell at least for $3000 per domain.

    The longer a person keeps a 3/4/5 letter .com the more money it will get.


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