The position will continue Paterson’s expansive executive career and most recent venture as remote consultant to founders and CEOs of global digital startups. In this role, Paterson will work alongside Domain Magnate’s CEO Michael Bereslavsky to support the firm through an exciting new phase of growth for both the company and industry. He will focus on efficient and sustainable business operations that support rapid expansion.

Paterson brings specialist expertise and people-focused leadership to the executive team, having worked in both management and executive roles for Bank of Australia, Xerox, Leidos, and other international corporations. Domain Magnate, which acquires and manages online businesses on behalf of investors, has recently opened its third investment fund— and it won’t be the last. Paterson will help optimize the value from these investments and sharpen processes to support company expansion. He will assist Domain Magnate in their aim to stay ahead of the curve by capitalizing on new opportunities and cashing in on a quality gap in the current market.

As a global employer, Domain Magnate is thrilled to have access to the very best talent. Paterson’s varied experience and passion across Financial Services, IT, and most recently remote consulting, make him well-placed to aid growth in a fast-changing landscape for digital assets. “My personal goal when I moved from Australia to Thailand last year was to explore the exploding world of digital and globally remote enterprises. Thus, for me to join Domain Magnate in a full-time remote role is hugely exciting!” Paterson said.

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