Here is an interesting list with .asia domains which received more than one application.

Many generics, like:


But also seems like all are in the list ­čś«

I haven’t checked all, but I assume people wouldn’t go for these, unless the rest were taken as well..

Domaining rush at its best! The trick here is to be the first to register the name and to flip it quick for profit before people realize they’ve purchased loads of useless domains..

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  1. Nice post about the .asia domain names.

    I can see that the .asia domain names will be a hot property since they cover the Asean region.

    Who ever get’s a hold of any of the one word domain names will be able to sell it for a great profit providing that the .asia master register does not ammend the conditions for sale of a domain name (which I can see will happen in the next year or two).

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