New high record set for .ca domains by The domain was reported to have sold for $600K to Ogopogo Media:

Ogopogo Media, an Internet media company that acquires and develops geotargeted destination and category specific domain names, recently announced it has acquired the rights to from Domed Technologies, Inc. of Montreal, Canada.

The acquisition of is the largest published single domain purchase in .ca history. The new ownership plans to create a job network, which will also include and

Says Robert Montgomery, CEO and co-founder of Ogopogo, “ is unquestionably the most intuitive, typed-in domain name for Canadian job seekers. It gives us a huge competitive advantage to hitch our brand to the domain name that defines the industry and the marketplace. It’s short, to the point, memorable and routinely receives thousands of valuable type-in visitors each day.

“We know that the domain is a logical destination for both job seekers and employers. The broad and generic appeal of matches our strategy of serving the entire range of job-seekers and will play a significant role in our future online job initiatives.”

The move also marks the departure of another Monster executive. Mark Huttram, former VP of Sales and Customer Satisfaction at, will lead the new team.

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