ipo-installment4.com a domain registered only on Sept 24, 2010  – less than a week ago,  was reported sold on Sedo for $100k .. WTF?

There are discussions on this on DNF and NP. The domain is merely a week old. IPO.com was sold for $500K as observed on the recent dnjournal weekly sales report, so some suggested in might a mistake, being part of the ipo.com sales plan in installments.

However Estibot appraises it at $103k, so no worries, buyer got a good deal 😉

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  1. Sedo reports “descriptions” of domain names with payment installments from time to time, so NO ipo-installment4.com did not sell.

    Some jackass simply registered the domain name AFTER Sedo’s description posting for the IPO.com 4th installment payment was made.

    You also point out how flawed Estibot is with its automated software.

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