2011Wishing everyone a happy and extra prosperous 2011. May your parking revenue quadruple and genuine end user request emails fill in your inbox!

I posted a quick update of what I’ve been up to lately over here.

What is 2011 going to bring to domainers? As usual some good news and some bad news, I’m not holding my expectations high as I’m mostly planning to focus on trying to generate more revenue out of my sites and getting some new and long planned projects up. I still have about two dozen exact match domains from the ones I bought this year waiting for development.

On a different note, during the last 4-5 months I’ve experimented a bit with black hat seo techniques – I’ve done this before in 2006-2007 but after the Google algo updates somewhere around 2007-2008 those techniques became ineffective. So seeing a few people I know having good success with it recently I decided to try it once again.

After quite a bit of research, reading up the latest info on a few secret private seo forums, and doing extensive competitive research, I invested in all the latest software and joined the top services (like dripfeedblasts.com, scrapebox.com and others) however the results were quite disappointing. Don’t get me wrong it still works, but after prolonged testing I came to the conclusion that the good old white (grey?!) methods of link building, like article submissions, still give more bang for the buck.

I’ve learned a few new tricks in SEO this year, found a few good new services I’m happily using now and discovered the fact that there is still a lot to learn and test. And that is what I’m planning to do next year, along with selling off a larger part of my domain portfolio to reinvest the money into profit generating assets.

So what’s your plan for 2011?

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  1. I have planned go on with Morgan Linton’s strategy “Don’t develope a domain into a mini site. Just build a brand of it”. I have already tried this and i got fast and great results. So, 2011 is going to be a “Brand Building” year for me.

    Very, very Happy New Year Michael!

  2. Happy 2011 to you too Michael. I hope it is a super prosperous year for you and your loved ones. I had a pretty hard 2010 so am excited about the new year and new opportunities. I am expanding the business to reach out to local businesses, offering them internet marketing. I’m also going to be focusing on getting many of my domains developed. I too have experimented with many SEO techniques (white, black and in between) but think I have learned from mistakes and should be able to get results in the new year.

  3. Still linking the old fashioned way with a few articles, forum posting and blog commenting. Always trying to provide a decent comment by reading the articles entirely and try to value add to the author’s blog.

    Have been internet maketing for over 3 years now and it looks to be the first year where I will reach over the $100K mark. This has now allowed me to outsource quite a big chunk of my link building and I tend to favour the services of experienced ‘link getters’. Mainly look for people that speacialise in social bookmarking.

    Hope this helps.


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