Hello everyone,

I have 2 generic 1 word domains on the next GreatDomains auction which starts today and to make things interesting I’m offering lots of free DNF bucks to everyone here!

The two domains are



As you can see the reserves are set to the minimal range to encourage more bidders to enter.

Post below your prediction on how much each domain will sell for, for example like this:

C $26500

H $19300

Or if you just post two numbers I’ll assume the first one refers to coriander.com and second to harlot.com

Rules are simple: no editing your post, and everyone gets only one chance at guessing the amount. Winner will be decided by a simple formula, which you can guess too

Since you won’t be able to change the entry, you might want to do a quick research first.

3 Prizes here to let everyone win some DNF$

1st: 2500 DNF$

2nd: 1000 DNF$

3rd: 500 DNF$

DNF’s will be donated immediately after the auctions are over and winners calculated.

Entries must be posted on the forum to be accepted

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