GodTube.com, a YouTube knockoff for the evangelical set, seems to be one step closer to building a kingdom on earth.Last week the site, which shows Christian videos and features a flip-through Bible and prayer blogs, received a $30 million investment from GLG Partners, a big London hedge fund. The investment valued GodTube at nearly $150 million, according to PaidContent.org.

GodTube offers sermons, theological debates, Christian rap videos and low-budget skits like “See man watching porn get caught by Jesus,” which plays out exactly as the title suggests. The investment will help sustain the on-screen Bible and a prayer wall where devout Web surfers can petition God to bless the afflicted or warm the heart of an intransigent girlfriend.

When it was introduced in August, GodTube became the fastest-growing Web site as rated by comScore.com, attracting 1.7 million unique visitors for the month. The traffic remains about the same today. “People thirst for more than just a once-a-week relationship with the Lord and Savior,” said Jason Illian, GodTube’s chief strategy officer. “They desire something that they can live out 24/7.”

Unlike its secular cousin, YouTube, all content must gain approval from the site’s headquarters in Plano, Texas. Vulgar or overtly sexual material is not allowed. Neither are videos promoting other religions — for that, there are JewTube.com and IslamicTube.net. (The domain name SatanTube.com is still for sale.) more

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  1. Indeed, I was quite surprised to see it’s that big.

    Porntube and fucktube probably makes more sense online :p

  2. Hopefully YouTube won’t find that an issue, especially if they get lots of people “complaining” about confusing GodTube with them. 😛

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