Apparently the Soviet Union is still alive. Except for Soviet Union emblem t-shirts being a hot item in Russia now, Russian webmasters don’t want to break their connection to the shady communist past and keep fighting ICANN to protect the obsolete .su extension.

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ICANN is still attempting to delete the obsolete SU (Soviet Union) extension but having little success. While they have managed to decommission the .YU (Yogoslavia) extension successfully last year, they are finding rebellion among Russian webmasters, ISPs and the Registry itself.

Al the actions by the Russian Registry point to a deliberate promotion of the domain against the direct wishes of ICANN. This promotion has caused the number of their users to spiral, giving weight to their arguments to keep the domain. All eyes are on ICANN now to see how they deal with this latest snub to their authority. At the moment, it seems there is little the US-based organization can do to stop the Russians.

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