Dot Asia released a press release about their successful auction

.Asia Auctions Fetches Over US$3 Million

.Asia Hot-or-Not Contest First Weekly Prize Winning Domain:

GMA2008.Asia Attracts Millions of Hits, Drives .Asia Adoption

Hong Kong, 16 June 2008 – DotAsia Organisation announced today total registration for .Asia

domains are expected to exceed a quarter of a million by the end of the first quarter after its public

launch . Proceeds from the .Asia Sunrise and Landrush auctions have already exceeded US$3M

and rising, demonstrating strong demand and growth value for .Asia domains.

“Registrants competing for unique .Asia domain names in a fair and calm process is proof the

auction mechanism is better for facilitating an orderly and stable introduction of the .Asia domain

into the social and technical fabric of the Internet, than the chaotic first-come-first-serve model,”

says Edmon Chung, CEO of DotAsia. “We are equally excited that the .Asia auctions have already

reached US$3M, with about two-thirds of Landrush auctions still to go.” So far highest-priced

auctions have reached beyond US$80,000, with top 100 averaging more than US$10,000,

including (US$26,000), (US$22,500) and (US$20,500).

Earlier, DotAsia launched the Hot-or-Not Domain Appraisal Contest rewarding US$15,000 to

anyone who can identify the domain fetching the highest auction price. Last week the first of 5

Weekly Prizes of US$1,000 found its winner. The winning contestant correctly identified the

winning domain: “”, and was most accurate in his appraisal for the winning price at

US$20,000 (the actual auction price was US$22,501). While we congratulate the winner, the

contest continues with 4 more Weekly Prizes of US$1,000 each and a Grand Prize of US$10,000.

Enter to win, find expert opinions and check out the live auction ticker at:

Adoption of the .Asia domain is showing signs of new vigour. Of the over 30,000 global brands

registering their .Asia during Sunrise, many are beginning to setup Asia content on their site, e.g.,, etc. Earlier Kenny G’s Asia tour utilized, while Stephen Chow’s latest movie adopted the web

address. The latest to join this trend is, the official website for this year’s Golden

Melody Awards, the Grammies of Mandarin-pop music. The site houses an online poll for the

hottest Chinese stars and is drawing millions of hits from fans across Asia. This means

awareness of the .Asia domain for millions of users typing in to their browsers.

Media Contact: Pavan Budhrani, +852-3741-0015

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