Domain Magnate Update

We have several websites for sale today, as we are reducing our portfolio before the end of the year. All sales are done via or wire transfer and include a sales agreement, transfer assistance and after-sale support. Reply below if you’re interested to buy one of them. Bulk offers may be considered. 

Ian Reynolds shares his experience with negotiating 7-8 figure deals and how he acquired a company with 8 figure revenues and resold it for over 5x profit! In this fascinating discussion, we cover financing structures, finding deals, current market opportunities, the PE models and the search fund approach. This is also our longest episode so far!

Do you have a great story to share about buying or selling a business? Reply here to be a guest on our podcast and include the top 3 topics and stories you’d like to share. We are looking to feature more entrepreneurs who buy and sell content websites in our next episodes.

We are currently looking to work with more website operators to help manage our growing portfolio. You must have previous experience in SEO and managing and growing at least 3 content websites that generated over $100K in total revenue. You’ll also receive training and profit share for projects you manage. Reply directly for more info and include details and numbers on your 3 top projects.

To Buy Or To Build?

The online business world holds a wealth of opportunities to explore. Working online gives you the flexibility to earn more income, and from wherever you are. If becoming a digital entrepreneur piques your interest, you have the option of either starting a business from scratch or buying a business that already exists. 

But which route poses more risks? 

As with any business venture, there are unavoidable risks in the online business landscape. Read Empire Flippers’ article on building versus buying, which gives a comprehensive overview of failures and successes across multiple industries.

Content Site Boasting 1million Page Views

There are not many content sites that get 1,000,000 page views each month. The good news is that we have one to share with you today. 

Monetized by AdSense and with high traffic and a peak of 2.5M+ page views during Ramadan, this 12yr old content site, with a monthly profit of $1,293, and 83% organic search, covers stories of Muslims in France and around the world.

An added bonus is that the deal comes with a Facebook page with 13K followers, and it is ripe for growth through the expansion of revenue streams and enhanced SEO. View the listing on Flippa to learn more!

Make More Money With These 13 Per-Click Affiliate Programs

As the new year approaches, you’re probably considering ways to maximize your affiliate income. Among the countless programs that are available today, Niche Pursuits have selected the 13 top affiliate programs for you. No matter how much traffic your website receives, there’s an affiliate program that suits your needs. 

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