This case study is in association with where we will be building content site over expired domain from their inventory. Before we begin a big shoutout to Sumit from serpnames for this initiative and idea to want us to build and grow site over high quality expired domain.

How did we begin :

We started filtering best domain which could be a potential fit for project we where planning, we had our own criteria while filtering domains like,

  1. Avoiding city bases, micro targeted local domain for services, restaurants and other 
  2. Preferrable to have domain with most incoming links to homepage and couple of other main pages easy to use link juice power from those pages and even redirect if needed, links to multiple pages leaves us with only one option to redirect all old page to homepage or some other page which might look shady
  3. Avoiding domains which are loosing links constantly after the domain has expired
  4. SEO Agressiveness, we plan to buy domain which has constant SEO graph for referring domains and referring pages going up, aggressive SEO and too much ups and downs in graph is one reason we think about avoiding domain
  5. More the contextual links, better it is. In terms of SEO or specifically off page SEO we value what google loves, i.e content links. Target was to find domain with relevant contextual links.
  6. We try to avoid domain with multiple drops which can be confirmed on way back archive
  7. Adoiding Aggressive backlink:Referring domain ratio
  8. Avoiding domains with Links Coming from Russian and chinese owned domains
  9. Non US target country or domain having history of other language being used on them.

How did we select our domain :

After application of these filters on multiple domains from inventory we landed up with 9-12 domains which looks good to us, from which we selected a domain and details for that domain are as follows:

  1. Premium one word domain name in Technology Niche (Specifically on one instrument/gadget)
  2. 7 years old domain with great social media presence and overall brand recognition
  3. Belonged to a company which shutdown recently
  4. It has Clean Link Profile with almost 90% links being relevant to the niche and 30-35% being contextual links
  5. 80:20 Dofollow:Nofollow Link Ratio
  6. Good Authority, Some organic traffic even after being expired and couple of keywords still as organic keywords in ahrefs stats
  7. Diversified and clean Anchor mostly brandable and generic
  8. No spam links
  9. No foreign language anchors
  10. Indexing status – Indexed Homepage
  11. Broad Niche which could be converted into niche website with lot of content opportunities
  12. Social presence was great with Profiles on all major social platforms 
  13. Previous target country – USA
  14. Major links coming to – Homepage (Easy to use link juice without doing much 301 on site)
  15. Redirected Domains or links – No

We selected this domain just because we thought the niche would be great to build website on and it had lot of opportunity to have content.

How did we build this website:

We plan to keep the niche of this domain as it is and hence plan to build our content site on same niche which will help us stay safe and avoid any possible link devaluation, We build this site on wordpress platform with all basic setting like permalink selection and other details to make site look professional and SEO friendly all major mandatory plugins setup, SEO plugins and other redirect plugins which we will be using to redirect other major pages.

Plugins We have Used

For them we selected a theme which had lightweight framework and hence had good speed, added analytics and search console to it and designed custom homepage using elementor just to make homepage look better than having just posts listed on it, also created all major pages like contact us, about us and privacy and disclaimer page.

Next we did is had 6 informative articles posted withing first 1 week of setup, this was just to check indexing speed and if they rank at some position in serps. Keywords selected ranged between KD 0-5 and volume 10-100.

Stats after 4 Weeks of buying domain :

  1. Homepage is indexed along with all other pages created like about us, contact us, privacy policy and disclaimer
  2. 5 Out of 6 Posts Indexed 
  3. 3 Keywords on newly added articles already in serps ranking between position 35-55
  4. Traffic over last 30 days – 83 Users 
Analytics Overview

What’s the next plan :

Over next one month we plan to add 20-25 informative articles in same niche and plan to redirect 3-4 major pages to some category page/ Custom build page where we will plan to redirect that link juice to couple of main articles which we will closely monitor for ranking change.

So far as good, we hope to have better results and stats next month until we have our next update, until then we will keep on adding content without any backlinking or off page SEO efforts.we might plan to do off-page link building after next 4 weeks or so if required, will keep you updated with follow up report, until then check inventory at they come up with new addition in domain regularly and they have good collection of expired high quality domain along with information on how you could plan and use particular domain.

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Serpnames Domain Inventory
Video Overview Update #1

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  1. What tools did you use in your screen prints? Very helpful article and I will take up the mantle and do the same.

  2. Hi thanks for reading, the tool which shows website SEO stats is Ahrefs and the one showing analytics is Google Analytics, hope this helps

    Also I am glad you liked it, do subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on follow up details for this case study.

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