billion_dollars.jpg just released a new billionaires list and Bill Gates is only #3 with $58.0 billions!

Top two positions are taken by Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim Helu & family with 62 and 60 bln respectively.

See the full list here

It’s interesting to note that among top 8 billionaires there are 4 Indians and only 2 Americans. Roman Abramovich, the owner of London Chelsea, is no longer the richest man in Russia, Oleg Deripaska is #9, who is also the youngest in the top 25. Google founders Sergey and Larry are down to positions 32 and 33.

According to Forbes there are currently 1062 billionaires in the world.

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  1. Nice post there, but the people you have mentioned there are only billionaires on paper (share price value of the company they own in %).

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