Last Premium’s were bought out on Feb,5 2007 – 3 days ago. Now you can already see threads on namepros selling these for $20-25 each and some are getting purchased. It’s pretty obvious that these will grow in price and based on past growth and quick rise to power, I predict the premium’s to have a minimum price of $50-100 by the end of the year – not a bad return for those who bought them for $5 each. I bought 400 premium’s myself, could have bought many more, but I figured I’d better keep these and renew them next year if needed as I’m mostly concentrating on’s now.

That comes to show the enormous leverage of a buyout. domains that were available 4 months ago are now selling for $60-70 and will continue to grow at high rates while new players enter the market and boost the prices by buying the 4 letter names in large quantities. At some point, several months from now, the prices will stabilize and continue growing at more regular rates close, but still higher than the’s do now. Although the biggest winners will be the ones who originally registered the domains and had enough patience for the prices to grow to turn their $7 registration fee domains into $100+ domains.

All the decent seem to be taken as well and have certain reseller value. People are also buying all good’s now inspired by the’s, but I think many of them will be disappointed because there are about 220K’s remaining. And unless a name belongs to a special category which was already bought out, like premium’s, or etc, it won’t have reseller value.A domain that looks “cool” to one person can be total garbage for rest, that’s why the safe way is always to buy domains that are supposed to run out soon. It’ll take years till we see the last of’s purchased, my prediction is 5 years or more – so don’t get too excited about these. There are more profitable opportunities around the corner ­čśë

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