According to there are currently 218,443’s remaining unregistered, out of 456,976, which is 47.8%.

All premium’s were registered not long ago and since then their min prices are up to about twice the reg fee.

Remaining’s by first letter:

A: 5097

B: 7198

C: 5832

D: 6633

E: 7496

F: 8171

G: 7634

H: 6772

I: 7236

J: 9172

K: 9627

L: 7842

M: 6855

N: 7500

O: 8669

P: 8289

Q: 13014

R: 8812

S: 4949

T: 6439

U: 11408

V: 12355

W: 8721

X: 11223

Y: 10706

Z: 10958’s are picking up as a cheap alternative to that have crossed into $1k.

Recent sales from last couple days:

Sedo: $510 $260 $260 $110

snapnames: $65 $36 $59

TDNAM: (+reg fee) $15 $15 $15 $78 $15 $20 $57 $20 $40 $15 $52 $30 $15 $20 $10 $67 $25 $10 $20 $40 $15 $10 $10

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  1. Hey Michael,

    Some interesting data you have there! Good job! What’s interesting is that although many people still see ‘w’ as a ‘bad letter’ (as do I) this data shows that it is way ahead of the competition when it is compared with its ‘bad letter’ rivals. ­čÖé


  2. Thanks Rich!

    I’m more a fan ‘u’ than ‘w’, but they are both good mid quality letters. was a pretty good deal.

  3. This data shows that there is a lot of idiots who buy .net

    Way of head of competition? Who is competition ? other domainers, then its not competition.

    Mind blowing people sing money into LLLL.nets , this is like watching card house being build… well ummm on cards. Do people really need .nets ? is there a huge shortage of .nets that i am not aware of, is there a domain empire being built on .nets ? As far as it is known, .net is poor mens .com , i see big company paying for 4 letter .com name big bucks, i dont see that happening with .net

  4. Well it was a big week for’s. There were 56,000+ bought up in the past 7 days. What are your thoughts on this? Do you see a buyout buy the end of the year, like others are suggesting.

    26% of all available is a pretty big buy !!

  5. Jeremy, where did you get these stats from?

    According to there are currently 212,115 LLLL.nets available (as at the 11th March 2008). So that’s just 6K registered in the last month.

  6. I have been watching the The search came back with 157,519 left as of 3-10-8. The scan said 213,548 last week.

    Is this an error by Tristan Perry? I thought it looked weird, but I thought the numbers wouldn’t lie. My bad if the numbers are wrong.

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