www.LLLL.com is the new 4 letter domain portal by VURG, Philip O’Neil:

I have been a big supporter of Namepros in the past couple of years and try to devote some time to helping other members with their domain collections. I love the forums policy of keeping everything free. I expect big things to happen through Namepros in the future. I go by the name VURG and am also involved in other forums with that username including DNForum, DomainState and DNLodge. Online many people call me Vurg, not Phil. (Vurg.com was the first 4 letter domain that I bought.) I also spent a couple of years selling online through the name LessThan96 on eBay, LessThan96.com and LT96.com.

In May 2008, I aquired the domain LLLL.com with the view of using this domain to educate people on LLLL.com (4 letter domains) and provide services. I am currently using this name for blogging but with time plan on improving the domain with other services. This site is all about LLLL.com and so browse around for more info on 4 letter domains.

The site currently has a few interesting articles on LLLL.com domains, chosen sales history and links to auctions. More to come so add the name to your bookmarks.

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