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That’s right! Prepare to see some of the best 4 letter domains available for sale.

For a short time I’m listing my top’s: – $4950

_The_ Best name for a social bookmarking site! Could be developed into something like or, or even or Or build a site like or to list and help users manage all the bookmarks from other sites.

Short and easy to remember – the perfect opportunity to launch your own social bookmarking site and capitalize on the hot trend, or sell it to the next big thing like twitter!

Buy this and I will also help you find an affordable and good quality developers to make an excellent custom site for the domain and even help promote it.

Ever wanted to have your own social bookmarking start up? This is your perfect opportunity! – $4950

Popular short word for Bulgaria, comes with a professionally developed mini site that currently ranks #4 for ‘Bulg’ in google and many other queries in Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Bulgaria has a population of 7.6 Million people, is a member of the EU and NATO.

Bulgaria is one of the most popular turist locations in Europe for it’s enormous historical and cultural heritage stretching back from the beginning of written history (6-5 millenia ago), throughout the Greek and Roman times and the Middle ages and up to Modern times. The cheapest housing in EU and excellent climate for both winter skiing and summer beach activities. – $2950

AFFiliate Forum. There are now many affiliate forums, like, or and new ones are openned all the time. Many charge as much as $100 per month for membership and attract hundreds and thousands of members.

With you could stand above all these – short and premium domain instinctively related to the industry. Instasnt brand recognition and trust.

You could also build an affiliate forums list or blog to profit from the highest referrer commissions in the industry. even pay $175 comission per each member you refer.

These could be extremely profitable, one such forum launched recently made $25k in the first 2 days only – read on here


Adult Friend Finder forum

AFFF Aqueous Film Forming Foam

AFFF Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival

AFFF Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam

AFFF AKR’s Free Form Framework and $4995 for the pair

Two super rare domains with many acronyms. There are only 34 names like these with 2 premium letters repeating. – $6950

over 200 Million results in google, multiple acronyms and meanings, and many developed sites on other extensions.

Also receives some type in traffic on sedo.

Dozens of potential end users you can market this to. – SOLD –  SOLD

Top sales for your information (that are not words): $200,000 2008 $100,100 2008 $100,000 2006 $100,000 2008 $83,500 2008 $72,223 2007 $70,000 2008 $50,000 2008 $50,000 2006 $45,000 2009 $31,000 2006 $30,350 2008 $30,000 2007 $29,500 2007 $28,500 2007 $27,000 2006 $25,500 2008 $25,375 2007 $25,000 2008 $25,000 2008 $25,000 2008 $24,500 2008 $22,500 2008 $22,500 2008

– listed on multiple forums

– Post sold to claim a domain – payment expected within 24 hours.

– Winner to be determined by time stamp

– Payments accepted by paypal masspay from established members or wire/escrow – buyer pays all fees.

*sale  also listed on DNForum and NamePros

4 Responses

  1. Hello Domain Magnate,

    I followed your DNForum signature and ended reading 2 articles on your blog (a record for me).

    While I do agree that these names worth a lot of money, who do you really think is your buyer. I’m only selling domain names in the 10-200$ margin, I can’t seem to go higher because of the risk I assume, since I have no clear view on my potential buyer.

    I’ll ask the question again, and I’m looking for an answer anytime soon:

    Who do you think is the perfect buyer for this domain name and what kind of buyer has purchased domain names for a high amount $x,xxx in the past from you?

  2. People who buy them to develop a site, companies, end users. But these names in particular would be worth $x,xxx to resellers too.

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  4. HI,

    I am interested to buy your domain so please contact me on my email address.

    please send me email with domain name and domain all details.


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