Over $25k Domains Sold on BQB in June. Reece published the full sales list

Most were definitely great deals, such as:

13 LLLL.com 205.00 USD

16 Triple Repeat LLLL.com 10,000.00 USD

BBBD.com 785.00 USD

LLLF.com 655.00 USD

LLLM.com 678.00 USD

OOOM.com 1,025.00 USD

but some also sold for nice prices:

MOKY.com  1600.00  USD

ZOVI.com 1,900.00 USD

AOEI.com 750.00 USD

CLFO.com 400.00 USD

FAAA.com 1,785.00 USD


KKKD.com 482.00 USD 

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  1. I purchased myself a pair of very good CVCV.com domains through their auction last month and it was a a very good experience.

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