New cool high for domains, recently reached $9k on sedo

It’s a top cvcv with a million google results, but nowhere as good as, which we sold for $9k!

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  1. Don’t get carried away, its not primarily a CVCV, its a pronounceable, one syllable word – in the UK used as a derogative put down to someone looking and acting miserable..

    Nice $9k sale on your dato though btw…

  2. Mope’s a dictionary word and $10K hardly justifies the true value. For example, Mope’s a better word than Coil for which the owner wanted $30K.

    Here’s what I got when searching for “define:mope” on Google.

    # move around slowly and aimlessly

    # dallier: someone who wastes time

    # be apathetic, gloomy, or dazed

  3. I agree with Girish Michael. There’s no comparison between the two. Dato is certainly an incredible brandable name (with some significance in spanish), but has crazy inherent value.

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