Don’t sell quad premium’s and quad premium’s with 3 repeating letters on Sedo! Strangely enough the prices on sedo no reserve auctions for these don’t reach near the levels that people  are ready to pay for them on domaining forums.

That said, it’s true sedo has some good deals lately, if you’re planning to grab a few good’s go buy some there.

A quick comparison: is now taking offers on DNF, as of now the highest offer is $1500, a few similar and even domains ended considerably lower on sedo: $1,108.00 05/02/2008 Sedo $905.00 04/23/2008 Sedo

So why shouldn’t you sell your triple repeating quad premium domains on sedo?

  1. you’ll get lower price
  2. 10% fee
  3. large part of the auctions aren’t paid
  4. sedo is slow

4 Responses

  1. Great post – I would like to make a change to the following statement:


    Don’t Sell’s on Sedo!


    Don’t Sell’s now – sell them in 2 years time – cash in Big time

  2. As the buyer of I guess I should have purchased it on sedo. As the last comment says. I feel pretty strongly that all of my purchases will look like good buys 5 years from now. As did the domains I bought 5 years ago. It’s all relative. Like anything else it takes big money to make big money. The days of spending $20 and getting a 5K name are over. It’s now a reseller market. That and SEDO absolutely sucks. Takes 3 months to get a purchased name, huge cut of the money and super slow pay.

  3. Congrats on the pickup Shane 🙂

    I’m finishing up a few escrows now that’ll bring me up to 34 triple repeat LLLL.coms — I have a lot of faith in the future of this segment.

    I’m the buyer of several recent triples on Sedo and I absolutely agree that they’re finishing very low — not sure why it’s happening, but it certainly is happening.

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