.co domains are the undoubtedly biggest story of 2010, while many people are skeptical about them, the auctions are already fetching prices high enough to shame any cctld.

Ironically NameCheap.com appears to have the lowest prices for .co domains. The (double) irony is in the fact that despite having the word “cheap” in its name NameCheap prices are higher than in most other registrars, however it’s a very popular registrar among web masters and newbie domainers due to the ease of use and simple interface.

Here are the prices:

4 rounds of auctions have been carried out by the registry and over half a million .co domains are now registered. For more info and discussions on the .co domains check out the appropriate threads on DNForum, NamePros and NetBuilders.

It’s been 1.5 months since the registrations opened for .co and here are some of the highest sales so far:

autoglass.co $53,000

duiattorney.co $44,500

duilawyer.co $43,000

taobao.co     $31,500

vehicles.co     $18,500

boulder.co $17,000

sites.co $15,500

dentists.co $12,500

apply.co $12,000

shipping.co     $11,000

caribbean.co     $10,610

betting.co $10,100

I personally just registered 3 .co’s – only for a test to see if they get any type in traffic. I might register more later however. How many did you grab and what are you planning to do with them?

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  1. Hi Michael

    I was interested to read your post because I have a couple of .co domains and I’m not quite sure yet what to do with them. I’m absolutely amazed at the sales prices you listed above.

    I did a site search to see if you have some more current info about .co domains but I didn’t find anything. Are they still selling well? I have a couple of generics one is 5 letters and the other is 8 letters. Both are in a good niche for making money. IMO, they’re more desirable than at least a couple of them in the sales list above.

    Perhaps you could write an update of how you see the .co market now. Just an idea for a new blog post.



  2. Hi Kay,

    yes there are still being traded around. Here are some recent sales from namebio.com:

    optionstrading.co $4,200 2012-05-25 sedo.com

    xes.co $1,750 2012-05-22 sedo.com

    jewelry.co $24,000 2012-05-21 sedo.com

    flexible.co $2,825 2012-05-18 sedo.com

    socially.co $1,100 2012-05-15 sedo.com

    500px.co $9,205 2012-05-12 godaddy.com

    dutyfree.co $1,100 2012-05-04 sedo.com

    ignite.co $1,000 2012-04-24 sedo.com

    ludwig.co $3,284 2012-04-05 sedo.com

    on.co $6,015 2012-03-30 godaddy.com

    wet.co $610 2012-03-29 godaddy.com

    theme.co $3,400 2012-03-29 sedo.com

    cometas.co $1,023 2012-03-21 sedo.com

    software.com.co $26,466 2012-03-21 sedo.com

    kad.co $800 2012-02-28 sedo.com

    neuro.co $1,000 2012-02-27 sedo.com

    domaintools.co $2,500 2012-02-23 sedo.com

    kidz.co $1,450 2012-02-14 sedo.com

    league.co $2,700 2012-02-09 sedo.com

    wear.co $1,800 2012-02-09 sedo.com

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