Analysis of Available Western 5 Letter Domains and Others

intelI did quite a bit of research over the past days to register some quality 5 Letter domains,, below are some results. First of all, this is geared towards the western, English speaking world, and potential end-users, and it’s mostly unrelated to the recent surge in Chinese domains. Most of the below analysis is based on letter frequencies in the English language and also the letter frequencies presented in high-value sales of domains.

What makes these domains interesting? They are pronounceable, easy to remember, and make good brands. And brands are what end-users want, and the main reason for high-value domain sales. Here are some easily recognizable global brands that use 5 letter domains:  Shell, Intel, Chase, Cisco, Honda, Pepsi, Total, FedEx, Baidu, Tesco, Bosch, Gucci, Canon, Delta, Rolex, Nivea, Claro, TELUS, Bayer, Prada, Mobil, Geico, Tyson, Lexus, Adobe, Yahoo, Volvo, Kraft, Exxon and many more!

The current Chinese trends of registering chips may pass and go, but there will always be the new Pepsi or Honda and Intel, and that’s why I believe brandable 5 letter domains are worth registering and holding on to.

The 8 most popular English letters: E, T, N, O, R, I, A, & S

As there are a total of 11,881,376 domains and 288000 domains, it’s good to start by limiting our space for easier analysis. Going with the most popular letters statistically seems like the most reasonable choice, as they are far more likely to form better sounding and more memorable brands. So we’ll mostly focus on the 8 most commonly used letters in the English alphabet, which collectively appear more than 60% of the time in words. The list includes 4 vowels: EOIA and 4 consonants TNRS – in the order of popularity.

  1. – all 1024 of these are taken (I registered the last 3 yesterday, sorry). Many of these are listed for sale at outrageous amounts, e.g.: $138K, $122.8K, $70K, etc.
  2. – all 1024 taken for a while (I couldn’t even find any to register), many are for sale: $179K, $176K, $4,586, $229.
  3. 6 out of 1024 are currently ,,,

  4. – 24 are available out of 1024 currently:


    Quite a few are also listed for sale: $352K, $26K, $1,029 ..

  5. – a lot less of these are pronounceable, but still only 95 are available out of 1024:

    Plenty are for sale: $17K, $3,214, $517

  6. 272 out of 1024 are available in this category, here is the list:

    Many are for sale as well: $33K, $26K, $2,754, $861

Western Premium Conconants: T, N, S, R, H, L, D, C, M, F, P, G, B

  1. – all the western premium with consonant A only. Out of 2197 only 13 are currently available:

    These are especially popular and the most valuable type of names statistically, here are some recent sales: 7,950 USD 2015-12-03 DropCatch 717 USD 2015-12-03 GoDaddy 120 USD 2015-11-23 NameJet 117 USD 2015-11-12 GoDaddy 812 USD 2015-11-06 GoDaddy 160 USD 2015-10-24 GoDaddy 663 USD 2015-09-27 GoDaddy 2,977 USD 2015-06-25 NameJet 5,050 USD 2014-07-23 NameJet 2,600 USD 2014-06-11 NameJet

  2. second most popular type of names statistically.  96 of these are available, out of 2197:

    Many recent sales here as well: 1,000 USD 2015-12-03 Sedo 318 USD 2015-12-01 NameJet 833 USD 2015-10-20 GoDaddy 400 USD 2015-09-08 NameJet 3,500 USD 2015-08-20 Sedo 1,725 USD 2015-06-09 GoDaddy 160 USD 2015-05-03 GoDaddy 816 USD 2015-03-22 NameJet 918 USD 2015-03-16 GoDaddy

  3. More quality available names currently:


This post only covers partial research on the more popular combinations, a lot more is to be processed. So far it’s clear that the popular and easily pronounceable type of 5 letter domains is mostly registered and even trading at respectable amounts on auctions, however, quite a few still remain available for registration. I’ve personally registered many of these in past days, while checking the lists, and plan to hold them for a long time. Even if there is no significant reseller value, as I believe they are highly undervalued. For reference just check the list of popular brands at the beginning of the post and latest sales for or top type names.

In conclusion: plenty of nice domains are still available for registration, while most domainers are focused on, type names. Even more surprising many are of these are actually all bought out, like – with first two repeating letters and all Chinese consonants. Plenty of trading is going on in Chinese markets and on the forums with prices mostly ranging from $5-20. However, this is all just reseller speculation, hoping for further growth of prices and a potential buyout. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen soon as around 30% of chips are still available, and that’s about a million domains.



Tip of the day is: don’t follow the crowd, do your own research!

Tools used in the writing of this post, compiling and checking lists:

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  1. Great Post! Could you please let me know what website or program you used to filter these results? I am a new domainer and would greatly appreciate any advice!

  2. Interesting read. I had similar thoughts and registered quite a number of some pronounceable 5L names but with the ever changing dynamics of domains, it does seem to all come down to speculation. When this industry first spiked my interest, my understanding was that traffic is and always will be the beginning and end of it all however there is other factors that have debunked that theory especially when it comes to brandables that normally don’t have any organic search. It appears to me that research is still the number one strategy of winning in this industry and you have to have an idea of what kind of a business can buy into the name you are investing in otherwise if you don’t really know, you just like a gambling addict who’s more dependent on luck than anything else. Regards

  3. Best analysis I’ve seen on the subject!! Some recent Brandable/keyword 5L I’ve hand reg-

    I prefer to flip for few hundred to domainers!

  4. At the end of the day the Chinese will buy a 4 of letters and numbers before they will buy 5 letters. Oh wait, they already ARE buying 4 character mixed .coms at floor prices of $60 and up, and 3 months from now the wave chasing resellers will once again be kicking themselves for coming late to the party.

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