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Hi, my name is Michael Bereslavsky and I'm the founder of Domain Magnate. I've been building, buying and selling established websites since 2004. Over the past 15 years our primary goal has been customer satisfaction and we proud ourselves in keeping that rate at 100%. We are a small Private Equity firm and we buy established online businesses, mostly in Content and SaaS. In the past decade and a half we've completed hundreds of deals, and are still buying actively for our own fund, and on behalf of our clients.

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Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Websites with over $3,000 in monthly profit
  • Affiliate and ad monetized content websites with organic traffic
  • Amazon FBA stores and ecommerce businesses
  • At least 1 year old with solid revenue history

Why Sell with us instead of somewhere else?

  • Speed! If you want to sell your site now and get cash fast, instead of going through the weeks or even months of reviews on other services, we have an accelerated process that can get your site sold in 1-3 days.
  • Our Team! All of the due diligence is done in our circle and not outsourced to other services or companies. Your site gets reviewed, due diligence conducted and you get an offer instantly and privately.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We’ve been around for quite some time and the number one thing we always look after is that our customers are 100% satisfied with the price they get for their business and the process they go through.
  • If you want to sell RIGHT NOW and need immediate cash we can buy your business via an accelerated process.

    We will review P&L to conduct fast due diligence, and if it passes the criteria for our fund, you'll get an immediate acquisition offer!

    We can process a deal in just 1-3 days.

    Here’s what other people are saying about DomainMagnate:

    • Casey Powell, CEO of

      "Over the past 12 months, I have purchased a handful of Amazon Affiliate websites. The website I purchased from Domain Magnate was by far the smoothest and easiest transaction even though this deal was 3 times larger than the other websites I had purchased. I appreciated their support in the migration process and that they were willing to update all the affiliate links for me. It’s something I could have easily done but it would have taken longer had I done it myself. "

      Casey Powell, CEO of
    • Akshit Gupta, owner at Buzzify Media Pvt Ltd

      "I've been doing business with Michael for many years and recently he helped me sell some of my sites. The prices I got were really great, and all was done quite fast. The transactions were quick and smooth, through escrow. Most importantly I only had to spend a minimum amount of effort: collecting revenue stats and providing access to Google Analytics, and some basic details about the sites' history. No need to write structured descriptions, fill out long forms with repeating details, or answer the same basic questions to rude buyers.. I'll definitely be back to sell more sites. "

      Akshit Gupta, owner at Buzzify Media Pvt Ltd
      Buzzify Media Pvt Ltd
    • Petr Kudlacek Managing Director at APRO Software

      "Michael sold me several websites recently. He answered all my questions very honestly which is rare in this industry.He was opened about the risks of the site and also suggested what should be the next steps so I can bring the sites to higher levels.He provided so far excellent post sale support. I definetely would recommand Michael to others. He is very proffessional. "

      Petr Kudlacek Managing Director at APRO Software
    • Alvaro Angeloro

      "Quick and easy transaction, seller is easy and responsive, cleared all my questions and data provided before the purchase was correct. "

      Alvaro Angeloro
    • Craig S., MobileGames101

      "When i first starting out looking to buy some established websites I was certainly a bit cautious after reading a lot of horror and scam stories online where buyers had been mislead or even completely scammed via unprofessional people so i spent a bit of time searching around Forums, Flippa etc and then I came across Michael @ DomainMagnate and certainly glad i did. Michael is very helpful, professional and always happy to help. I have purchased 3 sites via Michael’s services so far and certainly intend to continue using his services. If you are looking for an honest and professional person to assist you buying and selling great sites then Michael @ DomainMagnate is a great contact to have and highly recommended "

      Craig S., MobileGames101
    • Ibrahim Aqib

      "This was my first time selling an online business with Domain Magnate and I am impressed. It went smooth. He himself took care of the migration so selling this business was totally handsfree for me. Highly recommend if you want to sell your online business fast and get good value at the same time. "

      Ibrahim Aqib
      Ibrahim Aqib
    • Kurt P., Investor

      ""I like Michael’s straightforward approach to the market and growing private network of sellers.  I understood the whole process and our acquisitions have gone really smoothly. The Domain Magnate team is growing quickly and my exits have had great returns. I’m happy with how the investments are going." "

      Kurt P., Investor
    • Jesse D., Buyer

      ""Michael and Domain Magnate is excellent to work with. Listing was accurate and detailed, and there were no surprises after the transaction. Post-sale support has been above and beyond great."   "

      Jesse D., Buyer

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