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“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.”
Steve Jobs

We are expanding and hiring, below are the currently available positions

For more details please fill the form below following the specific instructions for each position.

If the position you’re interested in is not listed below you can still apply and add a (Jobs) prefix to your subject, with the position you’d like to apply for. We are looking to build a great company and that involves hiring the best people. If we believe that you are a great fit for the team, and can bring a lot of value to the company, we will create the appropriate position just for you!

Research Assistant

Description: Assist in research and due diligence, collect data from different sources and tools. This is an entry level, full time position and includes a lot of learning and courses. Requirements : you have be a native/fluent English speaker, organized and diligent, good with excel, spreadsheets and researching online, and  figuring things out. How to apply: fill out the form, attach your CV, and include a short video of up to 3 minutes, explaining why you'd be a good fit for this position, and some relevant experience you have from previous work. Upload the video on youtube, make it unlisted, and include the link in your form.

Content Manager

Content Manager for a Private Equity Firm

Description: Manage content strategy for our different portfolio businesses. Work with multiple writers and editors, find and coordinate assignments, deliveries, editing and publishing of articles. We acquire new businesses almost every month, so you'll be able to constantly work on new projects, tackle new and exciting challenges. Our sites are in a wide variety of niches, including: education, parenting, dating, home improvement, health, technology. You'll be able to work with the CEO and the management team directly and also have an opportunity to learn more about the Private Equity space and buying businesses. Minimum Requirements: 3+ years experience as a content manager or a similar role. 5+ years in editing and writing web content Native English speaker Your responsibilities will include:
  • Finding great writers, who are passionate about the topics we need to cover on our sites
  • Researching and planning content strategy for different sites
  • Assigning topics to writers, monitoring deliveries
  • Editing, improving content
  • Coordinating with our team and assistants to publish articles
How to Apply: Include answers to the following questions in a separate doc or in the comment form: - Include your main email address, full name and current location - Describe in detail your previous experience as Content Manager or a similar role, what were your main accomplishments? - What’s your process for editing an article, what do you mostly pay attention to? - Where and how did you hire writers before, describe your selection process? - If hired for this position what do you expect to accomplish in the first 3 months? Salary and terms flexible salary depending on your experience long term, full time position, but may start as part time flexible working hours can start immediately training and learning materials included    


We have a number of internship opportunities for those who want to learn to become brokers, dealmakers, negotiation and outreach experts, or seek a long term position with Domain Magnate. Below are several paths how you can apply:

  • Propose,and, if accepted, execute a detailed marketing plan for Domain Magnate, that will help us increase our traffic, leads and/or brand recognition.
  • Bring 3 unique, private opportunities for our consideration of online businesses for sale. They must have profits of $1K to $30K per month, not be listed in any other public sources (like, and provide revenue verification and expected price within market range.
Note: standard applications that do not fulfill  the above will not be considered.

SEO Assistant

As an SEO assistant, you will be responsible for doing SEO research, publishing and editing content, and updating several sites that we manage. You will be trained by and reporting to our senior SEO manager and will have the opportunity to level up your SEO skills. We offer flexible hours and 100% remote work. We are looking for someone who can start work immediately. Requirements

  • Advanced or Native English speaker 
  • Basic SEO experience and understanding
  • 1+ year experience working with WordPress and publishing, editing posts
  • 1+ year experience with affiliate marketing, google ads or other monetization or advertising methods
  • Very organized and detail-oriented with a strong work ethic
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to work well in a remote team environment
  • Experience with visual editor tools such as Thrive, Elementor, Divi
  • Experience with on page optimization tool suh as Surfer SEO or Page Optimizer Pro
  • Familiarity with schema
  • Understanding of internal linking
How to Apply:
  • Include your main email address, full name, current location and expected salary for this full-time position
  • Describe your previous experience in SEO in details
  • What SEO tools have you used before and describe what each tool was used for?
  • How would you rate your experience using WordPress from 1 to 10?

M&A Advisor for Dealflow Brokerage

Learn a new career as an M&A advisor and become a business broker under an established brand. You’ll have an opportunity to learn our process, tools and expertise directly from the team responsible for closing over $50M in deals. You’ll receive on the job training, with weekly training calls, videos and materials and all the processes and documents for several months, and be able to get commissions for closed deals right away.

Communication Manager

Communication Manager for a Private Equity Firm Summary: Work for a rapidly growing private equity firm, directly with the CEO and senior management. You’ll be responsible for connecting and networking with industry experts, seeking acquisition leads, partnerships, and marketing opportunities. This is a full time and long term role for someone who enjoys networking and communication and has a background in online marketing and SEO. You’ll receive training, and get an opportunity to learn the insider secrets to buying businesses from the best! Opportunity for growth, improvement and performance bonuses, expanding your network and connecting with industry leaders.   About the Role This is a key role in the company, as you’ll be representing the company to our potential clients, and partners. You’ll receive initial training, directly from the CEO and other managers, to get up to speed about the industry, and receive further training on the job. Your typical work week may include:

  • Reaching out and connecting with successful business owners via email, social channels, forums, events.
  • chatting/talking to other businesses, cultivating relationships for potential future cooperation.
  • Engaging with potential clients, who want to sell their businesses via emails, chats, calls, social media, and responding to serious inquiries.
  • Researching and contacting potential leads for acquisition
  • Networking with and establishing partnerships with agencies, brokers, or influencers to increase leadflow
  • Finding and coordinating marketing opportunities for podcasts, speaking, guest posts for the CEO
  • Creating or curating some marketing content.
Reporting directly to the CEO, but working closely with other members of the management team.You will also be able to have an assistant or several, to help in your work. We encourage training and growth for all members of our team and assign a significant portion of time and resources to help our people improve. The salary is flexible depending on your skills and experience, and the responsibilities you can take on. Requirements
  • Native English speaker
  • 3+ years experience in SEO or Online Marketing
  • Rich networking experience, sociable, enjoys connecting with people and keeps a large network of contacts.
How we work:
  • Flexible hours, 100% remote
  • KPIs and outcomes based performance bonuses
  • You’ll receive industry training and get an opportunity to learn about the business directly from the CEO
  • Our reputation is everything, we have strict standards of integrity and focus on delivering superb customer service when dealing with clients.
  • We encourage learning and personal growth! You’ll be able to take courses, attend events, seminars and masterminds.
How to Apply: Fill out the applications and include the details below: Application questions:
  1. Include your main email address, full name and current location, full time salary expectation
  2. Describe your experience with online marketing? Include details and numbers.
  3. Describe your networking experience and industry connections, associations.
  4. What makes you excited about this position?
  5. Why are you the best person for this role?

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