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“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.”
Steve Jobs

We are expanding and hiring, below are the currently available positions

For more details please fill the form below following the specific instructions for each position.

If the position you’re interested in is not listed below you can still apply and add a (Jobs) prefix to your subject, with the position you’d like to apply for. We are looking to build a great company and that involves hiring the best people. If we believe that you are a great fit for the team, and can bring a lot of value to the company, we will create the appropriate position just for you!

Research Assistant

Description: Assist in research and due diligence, collect data from different sources and tools. This is an entry level, full time position and includes a lot of learning and courses.  
Requirements : you have be a native/fluent English speaker, organized and diligent, good with excel, spreadsheets and researching online, and  figuring things out.
How to apply: fill out the form, attach your CV, and include a short video of up to 3 minutes, explaining why you'd be a good fit for this position, and some relevant experience you have from previous work. Upload the video on youtube, make it unlisted, and include the link in your form.

Website Broker Apprentice

Description: Manage auctions and listings for low to mid range websites. Interact with Buyers and Sellers. Training and learning opportunities.
How to apply: - record a 2 min video of yourself telling about your similar experience with buying/selling/managing websites and why we should hire you.

Content Editor

Description: Manage content, write, edit and publish articles for Domain Magnate
Minimum Requirements: 2 years experience as a writer. Native English speaker. Some experience with internet marketing and online businesses is required.
How to Apply: 1. Include links to at least 3 of your articles published online, preferably on topics related to online marketing, managing websites, or buying and selling online businesses. 2. Add some details about your personal experience with internet marketing and managing websites. 3. Include your expected price per word for ongoing projects 4. Add some details about yourself: location, background, previous and current employment, interests and passions.
Note: due to large number of submissions, applications that do not follow the above requirements are discarded automatically.

SEO Consultant

Description: Part time SEO consultant, paid hourly or per project, with an option for later full time employment. You'll work on reviewing different websites that we buy, manage or broker from SEO perspective to assess potential risks, find opportunities for improvement and build a strategy.
Minimum Requirements: 3 years full time working in SEO field, either on own projects or at an agency. Deep understanding of SEO, PBNs, backlinks and all the advanced techniques and tools. Experience in ranking websites for high competition keywords

How to Apply: 1. tell us about yourself and your SEO experience
2. include several websites you worked on and what keywords you managed to rank them for
3. Include your expected hourly rate
4. review and propose an SEO strategy with detailed steps.
NOTE: due to large number of submissions, applications that do not follow the above guidelines are discarded automatically.


We have a number of internship opportunities for those who want to learn to become brokers, dealmakers, negotiation and outreach experts, or seek a long term position with Domain Magnate. Below are several paths how you can apply:

  • Propose,and, if accepted, execute a detailed marketing plan for Domain Magnate, that will help us increase our traffic, leads and/or brand recognition.
  • Bring 3 unique, private opportunities for our consideration of online businesses for sale. They must have profits of $1K to $30K per month, not be listed in any other public sources (like, and provide revenue verification and expected price within market range.
Note: standard applications that do not fulfill  the above will not be considered.

SEO Project Manager

Manage different businesses and websites in our portfolio. Requires SEO expertise and experience in management. In this capacity you'll get a chance to work on managing and growing many different businesses and website. You'll be hiring VAs and freelancers, researching competition, planning and executing strategies to grow websites, also dealing with content, backlinks, social media, wordpress.
How to Apply:
Include details about several projects you've managed and the results you've achieved.

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