Research Assistant – Domain Magnate

Research Assistant


Description: Assist in research and due diligence, collect data from different sources and tools. This is an entry level, full time position and includes a lot of learning and courses.

Requirements : you have be a native/fluent English speaker, organized and diligent, good with excel, spreadsheets and researching online, and  figuring things out.

How to apply: fill out the form, attach your CV, and include a short video of up to 3 minutes, explaining why you’d be a good fit for this position, and some relevant experience you have from previous work. Upload the video on youtube, make it unlisted, and include the link in your form.


Job Title: Research Assistant

Company: Domain Magnate


Location Requests: Remote

Language Requests: English

Type: Full-Time

Salary: Negotiable

Benefits/Perks: Learning, training, bonuses

About Us / Who We Are

Domain Magnate is US based PE firm. We buy and manage established online businesses, and operate a portfolio of our own content sites, and also for clients, investors and funds. We are a fully remote team, located mainly in Europe and Asia. Founded by Michael Bereslavsky.

We encourage growth and strive for excellence in what we do! We are a fast growing and dynamic company, and we’ve been operating in the field for 15 years.

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