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M&A Advisor for Dealflow Brokerage


Learn a new career as an M&A advisor and become a business broker under an established brand. You’ll have an opportunity to learn our process, tools and expertise directly from the team responsible for closing over $50M in deals.

You’ll receive on the job training, with weekly training calls, videos and materials and all the processes and documents for several months, and be able to get commissions for closed deals right away.


Job Title: M&A Advisor for Dealflow Brokerage

Company: Dealflow Brokerage

Wesite: dealflowbrokerage.com

Location Requests: Remote

Language Requests: Fluent English

Type: Apprenticeship and Part Time

Salary: Commission based

Benefits/Perks: Training

About Us / Who We Are


We are a boutique M&A advisor firm with over $50M in completed deals, and a current team of 8, including partners, M&A advisors and a dev team. DFB is operated by: 


We buy established online businesses, mostly content and SaaS. We buy and manage a portfolio of businesses on behalf of clients, funds and using own capital.

We are a 20 person  team, and growing!. All remote, located in North America, Europe and Asia.

We encourage growth and strive for excellence in what we do! We are a fast growing and dynamic company and we’ve been operating in the field for 15 years.

We also have an industry podcast where you can learn more about us.

About the role

As an M&A Advisor, you will manage the entire acquisition process for your clients. You will gain a deep understanding of each business you represent by conducting analysis, audits, due diligence and valuations. You will spearhead the listing preparation process by preparing sales documentation and marketing materials, as well as developing a ‘go to market’ strategy in collaboration with the client and other teammates. You will coordinate all communication between your clients and potential acquirers via email, phone, video conferences (and sometimes face-to-face meetings), facilitating buyer analysis and due diligence requests, counter-offer negotiations, and all aspects of the closing process.


The life of an M&A Advisor can be wonderfully chaotic and incredibly rewarding. When a deal comes down to the wire, you might work a 60-70 hour week and need to take a 3am call. If the deal falls through, it’s back to the drawing board, if the deal completes, you’ll likely earn tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you have an eat what you kill mentality, you’ll be a perfect fit!


You’ll receive initial training via videos, calls, documents, and have an opportunity to learn the craft from our experienced team. 


You’ll be able to work with clients who come from our network and marketing, and also work on building your own reputation as an advisor and a business broker,your own network, attend events and advise people about the sale of their business and sign them as clients. Our marketing team will be able to help with building and growing your own personal brand as an M&A advisor.


You’ll be paid on a commission based structure for closed deals. 


Your week to week work will include 

  • Responding to inquiries
  • Networking with other entrepreneurs and investors
  • Reaching out to potential clients
  • Producing and publishing promotional and educational materials
  • Reviewing financial statements and performing due diligence
  • Advising clients on a sale timeline, steps and assessing value of their business
  • Working with marketing and development team occasionally


In time this can become your main career and the main source of income, or you may choose to do this part time to supplement your income.


The biggest benefit of this career is that once you have a solid network and a reputation, people will come to you with deals, and ask you to help them sell their business, or find a deal fitting their requirements, and then you’ll be able to get into a productive a high value flow of closing increasingly bigger deals, with less effort and more fun, while dealing with bigger and more professional clients.




  • Entrepreneurial experience in starting and managing several established businesses
  • Experience in buying or selling a business, at least one completed deal in 6 figures is required
  • Large personal network and an engaging personality
  • Desire and a longer term commitment to broker businesses part/full time
  • Attention to detail
  • English as native language


How we work:


  • Flexible hours, fully remote team
  • Our reputation is everything, we have strict standards of integrity and focus on delivering superb customer service when dealing with clients.
  • We encourage learning and personal growth! You’ll be able to take courses, attend events, seminars and masterminds and learn from others on the team.


How to Apply:


  • Figuring out how to best reach us and get noticed is part of the application!


Application questions (all mandatory, include them in the text area or in a separate word/pdf doc attachement):


  • Include your main email address, full name and current location.
  • Upload and link to a private video of 1-3 mins explaining why are you interested in this position and why are you the best fit for it?
  • Describe your previous entrepreneurial experience and accomplishments with starting and operating businesses
  • Describe in detail the top deals you’ve completed with numbers
  • Using your current network and skills, what will be the most efficient way for you to find people looking to exit their businesses in 6 figures and higher? 
  • How many people can you think of now from your network, who may fit the criteria?
  • What will be your long term plan in building your own pipeline of leads and clients?
  • Describe the conferences you’ve attended, organized and spoke at

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