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We have a number of internship opportunities for those who want to learn to become brokers, dealmakers, negotiation and outreach experts, or seek a long term position with Domain Magnate. Below are several paths how you can apply:

  • Propose,and, if accepted, execute a detailed marketing plan for Domain Magnate, that will help us increase our traffic, leads and/or brand recognition.
  • Bring 3 unique, private opportunities for our consideration of online businesses for sale. They must have profits of $1K to $30K per month, not be listed in any other public sources (like, and provide revenue verification and expected price within market range.

Note: standard applications that do not fulfill  the above will not be considered.


Job Title: Internships

Company: Domain Magnate


About Us / Who We Are

Domain Magnate is US based PE firm. We buy and manage established online businesses, and operate a portfolio of our own content sites, and also for clients, investors and funds. We are a fully remote team, located mainly in Europe and Asia. Founded by Michael Bereslavsky.

We encourage growth and strive for excellence in what we do! We are a fast growing and dynamic company, and we’ve been operating in the field for 15 years.

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