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Communication Manager


Communication Manager for a Private Equity Firm

Work for a rapidly growing private equity firm, directly with the CEO and senior management.
You’ll be responsible for connecting and networking with industry experts, seeking acquisition leads, partnerships, and marketing opportunities. This is a full time and long term role for someone who enjoys networking and communication and has a background in online marketing and SEO.

You’ll receive training, and get an opportunity to learn the insider secrets to buying businesses from the best! Opportunity for growth, improvement and performance bonuses, expanding your network and connecting with industry leaders.


About the Role

This is a key role in the company, as you’ll be representing the company to our potential clients, and partners.

You’ll receive initial training, directly from the CEO and other managers, to get up to speed about the industry, and receive further training on the job.

Your typical work week may include:

  • Reaching out and connecting with successful business owners via email, social channels, forums, events.
  • chatting/talking to other businesses, cultivating relationships for potential future cooperation.
  • Engaging with potential clients, who want to sell their businesses via emails, chats, calls, social media, and responding to serious inquiries.
  • Researching and contacting potential leads for acquisition
  • Networking with and establishing partnerships with agencies, brokers, or influencers to increase leadflow
  • Finding and coordinating marketing opportunities for podcasts, speaking, guest posts for the CEO
  • Creating or curating some marketing content.

Reporting directly to the CEO, but working closely with other members of the management team.You will also be able to have an assistant or several, to help in your work.

We encourage training and growth for all members of our team and assign a significant portion of time and resources to help our people improve.
The salary is flexible depending on your skills and experience, and the responsibilities you can take on.


  • Native English speaker
  • 3+ years experience in SEO or Online Marketing
  • Rich networking experience, sociable, enjoys connecting with people and keeps a large network of contacts.

How we work:

  • Flexible hours, 100% remote
  • KPIs and outcomes based performance bonuses
  • You’ll receive industry training and get an opportunity to learn about the business directly from the CEO
  • Our reputation is everything, we have strict standards of integrity and focus on delivering superb customer service when dealing with clients.
  • We encourage learning and personal growth! You’ll be able to take courses, attend events, seminars and masterminds.

How to Apply:

Fill out the applications and include the details below:

Application questions:

  1. Include your main email address, full name and current location, full time salary expectation
  2. Describe your experience with online marketing? Include details and numbers.
  3. Describe your networking experience and industry connections, associations.
  4. What makes you excited about this position?
  5. Why are you the best person for this role?


Job Title: Communication Manager

Company: Domain Magnate


Location Requests: anywhere

Language Requests: Native English

Type: Full time

Salary: Flexible

Benefits/Perks: training, bonuses

About Us / Who We Are

About Us/Who We Are


We buy established online businesses, mostly content and SaaS. We buy and manage a portfolio of businesses on behalf of clients, funds and using our own capital.
We are currently 20 people in the team. All remote, located in Europe and Asia, America
We encourage growth and strive for excellence in what we do! We are a fast growing and dynamic company, with over 15 years of experience in the field for 15 years.

The founder and CEO, Michael Bereslavsky, is an acknowledged M&A expert, having acquired over 100 businesses, and regularly speaks at industry events, conferences and podcasts and talks to other industry leaders on company podcast

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