Are you looking for a low-risk, lucrative investment opportunity in the growing online business space?

At Domain Magnate we offer a first-rate investor scheme with unparalleled potential for consistent returns. With our own unique strategy, we acquire high-potential assets for our growing portfolio, scale earnings, and sell them on when the time is right. Our successful track record has seen annual returns over 100% on invested capital, across over 100 tracked deals.

We get the best deals

While most buyers and investors are fighting against stiff competition over the same few deals listed by brokers and marketplaces, at Domain Magnate we mostly negotiate private deals. Through 15 years of networking, word of mouth, and inbound and outbound marketing, we can skip the competition and cherry-pick the best deals that are usually not openly available on the market. 

For our experienced team, identifying opportunities, performing due diligence and structuring acquisitions and sales is second nature. Our strict criteria and proven strategies allow us to provide the highest returns to our investors while reducing long-term risks.

Who can invest with us?

In order to deliver the most value, we have to set the bar high. Therefore we only work with a select group of investors, mainly focusing on investors who fit the following criteria:

Accredited investors

Have typically 6-figure sums to invest

Understand the market

Understand the strategies we are employing

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