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At Domain Magnate we manage our private deal flow, carefully review and do due diligence on a large number of deals, most of which are not available in the open markets. We pick the best ones and negotiate well structured deals.

The majority of buyers are focusing on reviewing deals available through Business Brokers and marketplaces, where they face stiff competition from other buyers, funds and investors. This usually prevents them from ever finding and closing really good deals. We buy most of our sites through private deal flow that out team maintains and that we’ve developed over the past 15 years, through networking, word of mouth, as well as inbound and outbound marketing.

We’ve developed a strategy and have a long and successful track record, with annual returns of over 100% on invested capital, across over 100 tracked deals.

We have strict criteria that is enforced on all deals before they are approved for execution. These criteria allows us to provide the highest returns to our investors and reduce long term risks

Managing our own dealflow, relying on proven strategies with over a decade of dealmaking experience, and picking the very best deals according to our criteria allows us to consistently have exceptional returns. Here is a selection of some of our recent deals:

We work with a selected group of investors, who are able to commit substantial capital to our deals, and understand the market and strategies we are employing. If you’d like to apply please fill out the details using

“I have $50K, can you help me buy a website? I’ll pay your fee!”

We receive this question, or a very similar one, practically every week from different buyers, and the short answer is ‘sorry, NO’. Due to the high volume of requests we can’t accommodate everyone. We have concierge buying services, where we help buyers manage their own dealflow, find the best off-market deals for them and help process the transactions, however these are usually done for corporations with much higher budgets, or through long term, strategic equity partnerships.

In order to deliver the most value we have to set the bar high, and choose to work with clients and investors who have higher budgets, better understanding of the market and what we do, and higher conviction to our strategies and market view.
If you’d like to inquire about opportunities for investors and buyers, and find out our current criteria, please fill out