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– Tell us about yourself

Hi, I am Shlomo Man, 29 years old from Israel

Forums name is usually is solokkhz, I do this stuff full time.

– What are your top domains/sites?

I have several domains and sites. In the last few years I’ve decided to concentrate in developing my domains into full sites as the revenue potential of established websites is usually higher than through parking.

Here are some of my sites:affiliate management, how to get pregnant fast, Online Jackpot

– How long have you been into the online business and how did you get started?

I am into the domain and internet marketing world from around 2003, started by getting scammed by some scammer that told me that my first domain worth around $xx,xxx and pointing me to an appraisal service to apprise it. As a newbie this was a huge surprise to even know a domain can be worth money. But I actually need to thank this scammer guy for introducing me to the enormous world of domaining.

– How do you build your sites?

I usually outsource most of the content writing and building my sites to providers in India and the Philippines as it saves me lot of my time, so I can concentrate on what is really important, and that is building my assets portfolio. Usually we build sites that are based on wordpress and HTML, also we use the prestashop platform for Ecommerce sites.

– How do you promote your sites?

Me and my team have developed a special SEO system that involves buying links, forum and blog linking and more. We also do PPC and media buying. People often overlook the traffic generation aspect of a website by building small amount of low quality links hoping to rank higher in the serps. That is not how it works, If you’ll take a look at your competition, you’ll discover that the higher ranking sites have many links, some lower quality and some are really great ones. You need to get many kinds of links to make it look organic and then, and only then you’ll see some love from the search engines.

– What is your business strategy for the future?

As Search engines changing a lot lately, we are changing our strategies according to these changes. You must understand that what works today might not work as good in the future, so you should always be ready and read the market and its direction.

– What do you think are the best opportunities to make money online now?

As for opportunities, there are actually, uncountable offers you can choose from. Every person who wants to make money online must find the path he wants to follow and stick to it.

– What is your best tip?

Don’t jump from offer to offer and from site to site. Choose an asset you own and suck the juice out of it until it makes you the most you can get out of it, only then move on to your next project.

– Thanks Shlomo for doing this interview and good luck in your web adventures!

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