Many newbie domainers go on a buying spree excited by all the reports of high sales and opportunities presented in the industry. But as you know high prices fetched by individual sales don’t always show the market price and finding end users may turn out to be much more complicated.

By selling, or at least trying to sell a few domains once in a while you can get a better understanding of the market and current prices. Even if you are a buyer, and planning to invest in a few good domains to hold them for a long time, listing them for offers on a domaining forum can you get a good idea of the market price. This can also be useful if you need to sell the domains quick to raise funds – you’d already know what price you can expect for a quick sale.

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  1. Great point.

    I would not advise domain name owners to sell their domain names ASAP (keep the ONE word domain names for 2+ years at least since their $ value is going UP).

    Many people do not know that they own GREAT domain names so they sell them for next to nothing and then the buyer flips the domain name to another buyer for 10 fold the $$ amount the domain name was bought for from the first seller.

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