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I sell domains through forums quite frequently and always try to improve my sales threads and techniques, so I thought I’d share a few tips here in hopes that it will be useful. This post will mostly contain general tips, for more specific advice watch for the next posts in the series.

Include your terms.

This is quite important to prevent any disputes, or misunderstandings. Also to protect yourself from scammers and save time. I usually include something like this at the beginning of my sales threads:

– All prices are temporary and sale may end without prior notice

– Payments by bank wire, escrow, paypal (masspay, or add 4%), moneybookers, e-gold – all fees paid by the buyer, payment must be processed within 2 days.

– Bulk discounts are possible only if you buy 3 or more domains domains, pm for details.

– Please use who.is/domain.com to check registrar and expiry dates where not listed. All names should have at least 2 months till expiration

other versions:

  • Paypal for members with reputation – mass pay preferred, Escrow+fees for unknown members.
  • Pricing subject to change as sale progresses. Please re-check thread for updates. Sales may end at anytime. First person to post sold in forum takes name. Other terms and conditions at bottom. Names may be updated or added throughout week. Also posted on one other forum.
  • If a name has already been sold by mistake, payment for that name will be refunded. Expiration dates and registrars are added for convenience. Please double check them yourself to ensure accuracy. I reserve the right to make changes or corrections to listing, or to end sale at any time. Pricing will only be valid while sale is currently active. If you have no feedback or a negative feedback rating I may chose not to do business with you. Payment is expected within 12 hrs of listing sold via paypal. If you are unable to meet this timeline please let me know so I can make the names available to others.
  • Please post offer info. Accept Paypal only.

    Full payment must be received within 24 hours after purchase.

    All sales are final. Free push to Godaddy.

    Some of the domains are being auction in TDNAM.

    Seller reserves the right to decline sale to avoid duplicate sale transaction.

  • Paypal Verified, Moneybookers or Escrow.com at Seller’s Discretion, Buyer pays fee.

    Subject to prior sale.

    Multi-forum sale

  • Timestamp decides, multiple forums.
  • Payment terms: Escrow.com 50/50 split.
  • – Escrow/Paypal – Fees paid by buyers

    – Assume No Traffic/Revenue

    – Multi Forum Post

    – Check Who Is for Ownership Verification & Expiration Dates

    – Priorities are given to bulk offers.

    – Please do not send registration fees offers

    – Post offers here or send PM

Most experienced domainers include a disclaimer similar to the above in all their sales threads, yours can be different, but it’s recommended to refer to these points:

Good luck with your sales!

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