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Website investing is a yield-bearing, non-correlated asset class. Learn how we make it legible

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We are a Private Equity firm with a 15-year history of buying, optimizing, and selling profitable online businesses. Over the years, we have built an ecosystem made up of hundreds of deals under our portfolio and a valuable network of connections. Our team has facilitated over 300+ successful deals and helped hundreds of sellers exit their businesses fast. Our investors get access to our decades of expertise and high-quality investment deals from our private network.

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Our 3rd fund is now open for participation to all accredited investors.

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We help you acquire, manage, grow and even resell your content website


Michael Bereslavsky

Founder and CEO
My name is Michael Bereslavsky and I’m the founder of Domain Magnate. I’ve been building, buying and selling established websites since 2004. We are a Micro Private Equity firm and we buy established online businesses under $1M, mostly in Content and SaaS.
We help sellers exit their businesses quickly and efficiently and allow investors an opportunity to invest in this new industry of online businesses and revenue websites, with high potential and high returns, through a reputable and experienced firm.

Sell To Us

We buy businesses on behalf of our funds, investors and directly. If your business has primarily organic search traffic, monetized via ads, affiliate or direct product sales, or services. Generating from $1K per month to $30K per month in profits. Find out why most of our deals come from recurring sellers and word of mouth!


learning about all your objectives

We’ve done hundreds of deals and we are efficient and professional. Our team will help make this a smooth and easy deal for you.


Finding the right buyer

We’ve been in business for 15 years and have established a reputation of trust and integrity, we are partnered with Flippa and escrow and work closely with all other top players in the industry.


We move fast

We have capital ready and mostly buy in cash, directly. When dealing with us you won’t go through long evaluation processes, or talk to multiple buyers/investors, answering the same basic questions. We can process 6 figure deals within days.

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We operate many businesses and often sell some. Buying one of our portfolio websites will ensure you’re investing in a quality asset and will receive ongoing support.

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