We aim to launch several group buys every year, where a group-buy will generally be capital collected to buy a specific deal we’ve negotiated, or a deal within specific parameters.

Why Group Buys?


GroupBuy Series

GroupBuy1 was started in late 2021, and we’ve acquired two well established content websites in Q1 and Q2 2022, with a total capital of around $800K. It’s now closed to new participants. GB1 has a term of 2 years, so we expect to resell both websites in late 2023. GB1 will pay out quarterly dividends from profits.

GroupBuy2 was launched in late Q2 2022, and aims to acquire one (or potentially two) well established content website in English, in high 6 figure price range, grow it and resell after a 3 year period.

GroupBuy3 was launched in late Q2 2022, and focuses solely on foreign, non-English language websites. We aim to benefit from the lower selling multiples on foreign websites, which can usually be acquired for between 1x and 2x the annual profits, due to lower competition in other languages. However, because of the limited number of buyers, and a potential difficulty in reselling the websites, we expect a longer term holding here, with a hold period of 5 years or more. GB3 will send out quarterly payouts, and we’ll aim to distribute the capital back during the first 2-3 years.
This is a potentially higher risk, and higher reward opportunity, so we suggest to contribute to both GB2 and GB3 for better diversification, which can be done with a $50K minimum contribution in each, while joining only one GroupBuy has a $75K minimum.

GroupBuy4 is planned for launch in Q4 2022 – Q1 2023

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(include in the form comment that you’re interested in a group buy and the amount you’d like to contribute per deal)