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Some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a while 😀

And the comments are even funnier, here are some:

Tia Likes Wood wrote:

I can’t believe you would stoop to such lows with this website. Rick has done so much for this industry, you should be thankful he’s so generous.


“I serve as a private web designer for some of the world’s biggest domain investors. Needless to say, I also live in a trailer park, and smoke crack.

Adam Imadick wrote:

You should add memberships to read this blog. Gold members get to read 10 words, Silver members get to read 50 words, Exclusive members get to read 100 words. Then you just promise them next week they get to read 200 words (but they don’t) and the money just keeps coming! Seriously, it works. With my site, I was able to rent 10 goats last week on membership fees alone!

KevinJam wrote:

This is the best blog EVAR ! I just registered domainkingofkings.cm to steal the traffic, its grrrrrreat

Adam Dickher wrote:

Did I say I like goats?

Please look at my new site about the goats and how beautiful they are, especially from behind. Be sure to click the google ads too!

Can I sell you a web template. Pleeeeeeze!!

Sadhar wrote:


I am working on a new idea. Nobody has figured out what any of my other ideas are about so it is time to start a new company. If I can get you and Frankie on board everyone will think I am a genius. At first all we will do is quote real geniuses, like I do on my blog. Most people don’t realize they are reading quotes so they think I am really smart LOL. The main thing is that nobody finds out that I make all my money off of TM’s. Let’s call the new company sukerista. We don’t even have to know what the company is about until next year. We’ll just make something up at the last minute. Are you in or not?

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