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A Hilarious TradeMark Response Slütsof in Stagram

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The owner of SlutsofInstagram.com got a cease and decist letter from Instagram, the most successful iphone app ever, with 30 million users. At first it all seems to be quite clear and Instagram would have a fairly strong case there:


however, this was his reply:


and attached was this drawing:



According to the domain owner he is still waiting for a reply from Instagram on this..

princess slutsof


Adventures of princess Slütsof  in Stagram and her brother, the goat. Domain saved by the duck face, or just a harmless prank?

Will this hold in an ICANN  UDRP process? Seems like a valid legal defense to me!

Update: The story even inspired a copycat Whoresofinstagram.com and more discussion is ongoing at reddit

4 Replies to “A Hilarious TradeMark Response Slütsof in Stagram”

  1. That is the funniest, and Most interesting UDRP case I have ever read! I would like to see how this ends up, and what their reply is!

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